At the age of around six children begin to interact and question the world around them, making it key stage in forming opinions and tastes. Sprout aims at getting children to enjoy mushrooms so that they don’t grow up perceiving them as strange. Ultimately adults have the buying choice so interviews and focus groups were held with parents to ensure that we created something parents and family would like their child to interact with as well. You can read more about the research on this blog post.


Colours: joyful and colourful, struck a balance between parents preferring pastels and children prefering foils or gradients.

Typography: Gotham Rounded Medium has round edges, which makes it fun and approachable. Gill Sans is a playful and laid-back with loads of breathing room. Easy to read and its slight rounded quality matches Gotham’s thickness well.

Kit Contents

Mushroom growth: two different pots to grow a mushroom that glows in the dark and simple, edible button mushrooms.

Seasonal illustrations: illustration giving information about interesting seasonal mushrooms.

Cut outs: cards with the above mushrooms with more identifying information and instruction on how to make them into a 3D cut-out.

Sketchbook and crayons: with a series of activities to encourage note taking and sketching to retain the information.

Gloves and magnifying glass: a safety precaution to ensure any contact and observation is done safely.

Information and safety: instructions on morphology, anatomy, spread explained in easy language, along with tips and safety rules.

Trumps: An illustrated card game, including blank cards for children to create their own mushrooms, a few examples can be seen below.

Chocolate game: chocolate game to highlight the importance of safety when mushroom hunting.

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