There are two main reasons why people don’t cook with mushrooms:

  • They don’t know how.
  • They find their appearance and texture off-putting.

Gilled aims to break these barriers by having people interact with mushroom themselves, from growing their own, to cooking and making their own truffle oil. I did an extensive amount of research to get to the strategy above, you can get more information on it through this blog post.


  • Grow Your Own Kit:  ready-sprouted mycellium which will sprout a box full of mushrooms.
  • Dried Morels: a particularly delicious, an interesting looking mushroom, easy to cook with.
  • Death Trumpet Kit:  not at all poisonous, death trumpets taste faintly like truffles and this kit will teach customers how to create their own bottle of trumpet oil.
  • Cook Book: a book containing tips on seasonal mushrooms, advice on choosing, preserving and cleaning them; plus a series of easy, tested and adapted recipes from around the world.

The visual treatment of the brand was based on the suminagashi, a technique dating back to the 12th century. A type of marbelling created by alternating drips of oily black ink, with water to create patterns which are transferred into paper. The result is an organically spread pattern, similar in to how mushrooms spread without much control and in an almost unpredictable way.


Audience: adults, 30 – 40.

Aim: introduce new mushrooms to consumers who have an interest in broadening their tastes but don’t have the necessary knowledge to cook/eat atypical mushroom species.

Type: Aalte Haas Grotesque and Arno, humanist fonts with similar x-height, contrasting hand-printed with easy to read serif.
Colour: rich black and white to highlight mushroom texture, colours and shapes.

Package: sleek and clean, different to the typical ‘brown paper’ style seen in brands operating in the same space. The stickers are individually printed and embossed to mirror the texture of a mushroom while the boxes are specially designed to keep the product fresh for a long as possible in the fridge, avoiding moisture damage.

Cook-book: specially chosen and tested recipes which are easy to make. Photography, design, type-setting, printing and binding done by me.